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Lining a floor; a profession in its own right!

At Nova Belijning it is our mission to give you - the customer - a perfect result and to help you implement your ideas or wishes. There isn't a floor too hard or a place too far for us to work on.

Which floors can we help you with?

You could say that Nova Belijning is a real specialist. We often work for regular clients and our working area is international. First of all, we are specialized in gyms. We can also provide you with our services for the following floor surfaces:
  • sports floor marking (indoor/outdoor)
  • floors intended for physiotherapy or playgroups
  • personal designs for indoors and outdoors
  1. Contact us for more information!

How does it work?

2. We make you a proposal and work out the details together

3. We get to work on an existing floor. We're satisfied when you're satisfied.

Handbal Hof
What makes the lines so special?

In sports you follow rules, and in physiotherapy you follow exercises. Without these lines it is impossible to follow the rules or to perform certain exercises correctly.

It goes without saying that markings for sports floors must be applied accurately. With the craftsmanship of Nova Belijning you not only get a good result, but also in the preliminary phase the knowledge and years of experience we have at your disposal.
And it's not just the floor, customer focus is also of paramount importance. At Nova Belijning we go the extra mile. If the client ensures that the floor is ready before we arrive, we will deliver the floor clean and empty!
Althetic Vrouw strekken op een Gym Mat

We also provide lines in physiotherapy!

Not only the size of the sports hall, floor or space is important, but also whether, for example, you have attributes in your space to which certain dimensions are linked. You also depend on those dimensions, and we at Nova Belijning are happy to take care of that for you.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with perfect service.
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